Pune '10

Studio Estique is a small and charming boutique hotel right in the middle of Pune's business district. 

This is where I had the first Pune show in association with Artz360,  a small art company that specialises in off -the-wall fine art events and fundraisers. Ruby Jhunjhunwala, a very well known and successful designer and ceramic artist hosted the evening and inaugurated the show with a symbolic lamp lighting ceremony. Much animated discussions and questions followed over the delicious wine and personally, I felt delighted at the curiosity and  fascination that this fabulous art form generated.....

The artists showcased during this show were Narmada Prasad, Rajendra Shyam, Bajju Shyam, Durga Bai, Suresh Durve and Ravi Tekam. I also showcased some select works of two Bhil artists Ladoo Bai and Bhuri Bai.

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